2016 Monthly Challenges

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Have you made your resolutions yet?

Have you already stumbled?  I have!

Every January a bjillion people (rough numbers) sit down and make all sorts of resolutions to get more organized, be healthier, lose weight, take better care of themselves, etc.  All are so admirable and great in concept, but where folks fall down (me included) is that we try to change the world at once–going from 0-60 in three days.

As my Grandma Schuler says, “too much of a good thing, isn’t so good.”  So we need to make incremental changes and pace ourselves.  We also need to be compelled to make the change for more than the sake of making the change and reward ourselves along the way.

So this year we will continue with our monthly challenges (click here to see our 2015 challenges) and break down those big goals into easy steps and continue to layer the new routines on top of each other so that we can work towards a more organized, family focused, healthy lifestyle while keeping our heads above water and taking care of ourselves.

Sound like a good idea?  Great.  Lets get started!

October Challenge: Write it Down

July Challenge: Balance Out in July

June Challenge: Reset in June

May Challenge: Mixing It Up In May

April Challenge: Keeping it Real

Check in on Instagram to see my daily behind the scenes look this month!

March Challenge: Make it Ahead March

I have been doing my Sunday Cookingpalooza for several years and it has been a lifesaver.  Are you up to the challenge?

February Challenge: Finish it February

I am committed to finishing (and starting for that matter) my 6 year old’s baby book.  What do you need to finish?

Here is a humorous look back at our videos from 2015!  Get ready for a giggle!

January Challenge: A Pile A Day

Download this month’s reward chart!

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