All My Pants Have Stretch

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When we bought our house years ago our realtor was with an office that had the owner’s face on everything—from moving trucks, to for sale signs, to billboards.  They were the “face” of the company.  I remember thinking how striking the individual was in these photos.  And then we met the owner.  And while still a striking individual, they did not look at all like their photo.  Let’s just say the photo had not been updated in many many years.  We all change over the years.  That’s life.  The key is to admitting to it!

But my take away from the experience was that the individual was not truthful in their advertising and their brand, so why would I trust them to work on my behalf?

Suffice it to say, those photos are still all over town and every single time I see one, I think of the inauthentic-ness of the situation.  So much so, it has framed how I have wanted to portray myself to the world.

One of my very first posts on Just Jennessa was on full transparency and how what you see is what you get.  And regardless of where Just Jennessa takes me, that will always be the case.  In a world of available filters, plastic surgery, and Spanx, it’s really easy to get swept up in how you think you should look and should be.  But it’s exhausting.  I see so many women (and men) that are trying soooooo hard to be the smartest, the funniest, the wittiest, the best volunteer, the most beautiful, etc.  And I get tired just watching them.  I can’t imagine how they feel.

When I had my head shots taken, I stood outside on a warm February afternoon standing in the snow with only the “good” clothes from the waist up, smiling at the camera, I pressed the photographer that under no circumstances could she Photoshop my face.  Do all she wanted to to the background, etc., but I wanted all my wrinkles and flaws present.  She laughed as she’s never had that request before!

If you cannot be comfortable in your own skin, you won’t be comfortable anywhere.  For me I will continue to live with my wrinkles and flaws–all my pants have stretch, I will always have pounds to lose, I only own five pairs of shoes, my car is used, my gray hair no longer blends, and my morning make up regiment is mascara and lip balm.  And that’s by choice.  And this way I know that if we ever bump into each other at the grocery store, you will definitely recognize me!

Are you living an authentic life?  Or are you exhausted from keeping up a persona?


  1. Whitney

    Well said, Jennessa! I wish the world had more authentic people like you. (by the way, I believe we must have used the same realtor to buy our house…I laughed out loud at your comments because I remember thinking the same thing!)

  2. Elizabeth

    I had to laugh about the photoshop. I have had two professional headshots taken and each time the photographer has removed my mole. I did not ask them to do this. In real life I would love to remove it but it is part of me as I am and it is still here. They don’t photoshop Cindy Crawford’s out.

  3. Laurie Geringer

    Love this!❤️Awesome article! I wasted a lot of time trying to keep up with the Joneses, and that is time I will never get back. As I do the countdown to 50, I really don’t care anymore. Take me or leave me!

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