Five Alarm Birthday

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I really don’t think “boys” ever stop loving fire trucks and I have yet to meet one that hasn’t, at one time or another, wanted to be a fireman. Zain, who is now 8, was saying the other day. “I was watching Fireman Sam with Mir and it was kind of awkward.” When I asked him why he responded, “Because I’m too big to like fire trucks.” I assured him that Baba (what they call my husband) still loves fire trucks.

So Mir was born with the love and so we decided to do his 3rd birthday with a fire truck theme. As an event planner (by day) I have the occupational hazard of going a bit over and beyond for my boys’ parties. I can’t help it! So first I had to find a venue since while every other year or so I host a kids party at my house, it take a year or so to forget how awful it was since our house is TINY! His birthday is in January, so taking a tour of our local fire station seemed like more coordination than it was worth, plus they weren’t going to let us have the whole kit and caboodle there, so I found the Boston Fire Museum, which is only open on Saturdays and Sundays and only hosts birthday parties on Sundays. It’s run by a group of retired firemen that display vintage fire trucks and during the week take a retrofitted ambulance out to active fire scenes with food and drink to the firemen on the scene. This required everyone to drive into Boston, but during the holiday break, everyone is always looking for something to do!


I will predicate that Mir was suffering from an ear infection, so he wasn’t incredibly cheerful during his party, but everyone else loved it! And he remembers it fondly, which is what matters now!

For his invitation, I purchased A7 mailing boxes, kraft cover stock paper, and a fire truck stamp from Paper Source. I printed the invite text, with a border, onto the kraft paper (I set it up to have two to a page, so then I just cut them down to size), leaving enough room to do the stamp at the top. I then put a little bit of kraft shred in the box so that it wouldn’t look completely empty when they opened it up, put the lid on it and then wrapped each with a strip of brown paper. On the brown paper I wrote the address and put the fire truck stamp on it again.


When we go there, I set up one table with paint with water sheets of fire trucks and other types of vehicles and then ran brown paper down the food table with containers of crayons so they could color on the table. I then did basic red plates and napkins with a few fun polka dot balloons with red ones (for whatever reason, the balloons kept popping as I blew them up with my “mobile” helium tank, which put us all on edge). I then found these awesome fire hydrant drinking cup when I was building my Fire Truck birthday Pinterest page. This was part of the favor to take home and were a huge hit.


We started the party in the museum itself with the boys picking up the fire hose and rushing to the fire.


They also got to take turns in one of the fire trucks and some of the parents got in the fun as well.



They even got to pretend slide down the fire pole.


We then went back upstairs to have pizza and then cake. I had the paint with water, plus a ton of vehicles and bristle blocks for the kids to play with. But really, the only thing that anyone wanted to do was ring this bell, which got very old, very fast! Our guests ranged from 1-7 and all boys!


I make, at most, two cakes a year. It takes all of my patience and thus I could never do them for others. I used to donate kid party packages for local fundraisers, and it caused so much gray hair that my hair dressing bill was climbing! But for Mir’s party, I had found a cake idea on Flickr (which is where I get most of my cake inspiration) of a burning building. I love tiered cakes, so I did three “floors” to the building and then used chocolate frosting—out of the can people! I had visions of making bricks to cover the whole thing with, but then came to my senses. I used a star tip on a pastry bag and covered the whole thing. I then rolled out white fondant that I purchased at AC Moore, cut out squares and then colored in the window details with an edible marker and made some fire hose. I then mixed white corn syrup, and water to a high temperature and then poured it onto waxed paper and then dropped red and orange food coloring into it as it hardened and then, when it was cooled, broke it apart to create “fire”. I then purchased Match Car fire vehicles to embellish it with and a big three candle. I then added sparkler candles to it that won’t blow out.



Then for the favors, the boys and I had made homemade play dough that was red, with red glitter and cinnamon and wrapped it up in cello bags with a fire hat cookie cutter tied on to it. I then made my white party mix for the adults and then every family got one Curious George and the Firefighters book.


It was definitely five alarm fun!

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