Following Our Own GPS

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Remember the days before we had GPS or even MapQuest?  When we used to use guidebooks, and maps and go to AAA for a really thorough TripTik?  I can’t even go into a store at the mall and go in the right direction when I come out.  And do even try to show me how to use a compass, I just don’t get it! I really don’t know how we did it?!?!

When I still lived in Boston, I had walked from my apartment to my new doctor’s office, and I made it there fine, but on the way back I got completely turned around and soon I was in a neighborhood that was completely unfamiliar to me and at a different time of day, I could have felt unsafe.  For me, when I’m lost…truly lost…I am overwhelmed with worry and hopelessness.  Just thinking about the feeling gives me the heeby jeebies!

But then our friend Garmin came onto the scene and it was a game changer!

I could throw out all of the MapQuest print outs in my glove box and go anywhere I wanted!  All I had to do was key it in…and hope for a sunny day!

Now, it doesn’t matter where Waze tries to take me, I’m not worried because I know she’s got my back.  We have traveled thousands and thousands of miles unfettered and unworried on our family road trips thanks to the peace of mind the GPS brings.

So if our handy phone GPS can give us so much freedom and confidence, what about our internal GPS?  Is that actually a thing?

I think so.

For me, my internal GPS is made up of all of my mindfulness around what I need to make me happy.  My habits, my routines, my “5 most important aspects”, my future self realization…it’s all what makes up my Life By Design.  It’s all that I write about here.  (I know, I’m a bit of a broken record.)

I truly believe if we give ourselves the time and space to really listen to what we need and then dial in to what that means–what that looks like, we can start to create that internal GPS.  And it can’t be something that we do once and then set aside, it has to be something that we live and breathe everyday.  Just like we don’t leave the house without our phone (and GPS), we don’t leave the house without our design plan, albeit mental.

That way as life comes at us, as it does…All. Day. Long. We have it to guide us.

It gives us permission to say no and to say yes.  It guides us to turn the corner to avoid an accident.  It pipes up to alert us to a traffic back up.  It gives us peace of mind when we might not know where we are right now, but she has our back and is going to make sure we get to the destination eventually.

What makes up our internal GPS differs for every single person, you need to work on understanding what makes it up for you.  Want to try?

Start with setting aside one quiet hour to yourself with a writing utensil and some paper.  And you might add this exercise to get the juices flowing!



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