Full Transparency

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I am what I am. What can I say! As I’ve been putting together the launch items for this site it has been very important for me show it as it is. I troll through Pinterest and drool over the “food porn” that is online from food bloggers that are exceptional stagers. And while I appreciate the beauty, I can’t buy it. Who has that much time?

When I post a recipe it is actually what I just made for dinner, dessert, lunch, breakfast, etc. I have just swipped dirty dishes out of the way to get a remotely respectable photo and then we devour it. While I have two kids that are trying to “help” me cook, bake, craft, etc. I do not have the time or the wherewithal to take a photo of each step of the process. If you don’t know how to measure out a ½ teaspoon of salt then you have bigger problems then I can help you with!

If I fail at a recipe, you will be the first to know. If I get another chipmunk in my house (yes this has happened more than once), you will be the first to know. If I’m being ridiculous, you will know it. And if I say that I made said recipe with two kids underfoot in a jiffy—believe me, I did!

And if you look to any corner of photo you are bound to see schmutz, shadows, and dirty dishes. Because, that’s how we roll here!

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