I Am Grateful For…

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Each Ramadan and Thanksgiving we don our wall with our Grateful Cards.  Each card says, “Today I am Grateful For…” and then each of us lists what we are grateful for that day.  There is no wrong answer, but the only rule is you can’t use your same answer twice.  Through their answers I’ve learned a lot about my children.  Zain is the diplomat and always gives lofty answers like my family, the food that we have to eat, my teachers, etc.  My little guy is still using what is top of mind or what he can see in the room like, my field trip today, my basketball, etc.  I’m sure fidget spinner will be listed this year, which is better than the one year when he was most thankful for Santa Claus!

Here is a video of Zain explaining how it works.

Here is a download of our Ramadan Grateful Cards, which help serve as our countdown as well.  Print the first page 8 times on cardstock.  Then turn them over and print the next 8 pages on the back.  This provides numbers and a design.  I’ve included lines for easy cutting.  We pin ours up with all of the numbers facing out.  Then on that day we take it down, fill it out, and then put it back up facing out displaying what we are grateful for.


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