Input From The Little Ones

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So as we ascertained the problem areas from looking at the space, Zain and I sat down for a few sessions of “programming”. This is where you look at all of the functions the space needs to accommodate, so not to forget about them in the final design. We also started sketching out potential solutions for each area.


The functions for the space:
The Bed (to be bunk beds…with lighting and potentially blue bedding)
Clothes (replace the changing table for more drawer storage and potentially a new “door” on the closet)
Stuffed Animals (you can see a sketch for net storage. Zain thinks we need to build a ship to hold them. I think that will take up valuable space!)
Windows (blinds)
Trophies (Zain designed a very elaborate pulley system so that he can pull them down whenever he needs them…hmmm)
Pictures (Magnetic wall or clips and wire)

Mir really thinks the room needs a sandbox. Sometimes you have to draw the line on preschool input.

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