Is Your Tire Flat?

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Lean in my friends, I have a secret.

Even though I like to think I have my poop in a group, there are times when I get stuck.  It doesn’t happen quickly.  Sometimes so slowly that I don’t even know I’ve come to a halt.

I call this my flat tire.

Can you ride a bicycle on a flat tire?  Not for long you can’t.  And that’s how we are in life.  We need to be in balance…to be whole…to be effective.

So my sure fire way to get from flat to rocking and rolling is the spoke and wheel exercise.  For those of you that have attended one of my workshops you know that I love this exercise and feel you can apply it to anything that is “flat” or broken–a routine, a project, a relationship…your life.

So take out a piece of paper and a pencil and give me 5 minutes of your time.  It’s fun and easy and as simple as stop drop and roll!


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