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IMG_20150809_173603-cropRecently I posted this photo on Instagram after asking the boys to collect their library books.  While they did in fact do just that, it looks more like library book Jenga and only lasted as a stack for a few minutes.  A day later a friend of mine posted a similar picture of her son’s bookshelf after asking him to put his books away and some were upside down, some were in backwards, etc. and again–he had done what she asked, but not “correctly”.  It was that week that the idea of Just Jennessa Jr. was born!  Our regular monthly challenge videos have been a big hit, so based on the same idea, we will be doing a kids challenge video each month with printable reward charts and incentives to keep it up.  We hope your kids love them and unbeknownst to them they start keeping “order” out of habit.  It’s a nice dream if nothing else!  On your marks…get set…go!

Just Jennessa Jr.: Summer Challenge (Ready Set Read)

Just Jennessa Jr.: Spring Challenge (Get Outside)

Just Jennessa Jr.: March Challenge (Do Without Asking)

And don’t forget to download this month’s routine builder!

Just Jennessa Jr.: January Challenge (Pick It Up)

And don’t forget to download this month’s rewards chart!

Just Jennessa Jr.: December Challenge (Pay It Forward)

For December we are mashing up our Just Jennessa challenge and our Just Jennessa Junior challenge with the theme Pay It Foward!  We challenge you to come up with fun ways to Pay It Forwad this month as a family and to help us in our Cold Weather Clothing Drive.  Watch to find out more!

Just Jennessa Jr.: November Challenge (Today I am Grateful)

This is a tradition that we started two Ramadans ago, where we take a few minutes each evening to all write down what we are grateful for that day on one card.  Answers have ranged from Santa Claus to World Peace and everything in between.  At our house there are no wrong answers, but we do have one rule–you can’t repeat your answer.  Feel free to make your own cards and string them up how ever works at your house, or you can download our sample here.  Just print and cut along the gray lines.  The owls that you see in the video were from a uber cute kit from Paper Source.  The one that we did is no longer available online, but they have a cute holiday one here.  And why limit this to November.  Everyone’s gratefulness can be recorded in a journal or on slips of paper into a jar to collect all year long!

Just Jennessa Jr.: October Challenge (Brusha Brusha!)

Zain says it best in the video.  You brush and you brush for what seems like a million years thinking it’s 2 minutes but you always come up short.  Here is a sure fire way to wait it out and get rewarded in the meantime!  Want one of our Just Jennessa Jr. two minute timers?  They are super cute and a great visual reminder. While supplies last we are giving them away!  So check on our Just Jennessa Facebook page for availability and where to pick them up.  Already have a timer, but want the reward chart?  No problem, click here!

Just Jennessa Jr.: September Challenge (Lay It Out!)

The morning routine is probably the most harried at our house so anything that is done ahead of time is a huge help.  Short of sleeping in their clothes, (don’t mock there are times when it’s a must) laying out their clothes is a huge step towards getting out the door and on the bus actually dressed and hopefully with all articles facing forwards, shoes tied, and (what a concept) matching!  Here are the reward charts for this month’s challenge for girls and for boys.  For every photo you post on your Facebook page of their clothes laid out, or them in their awesome outfits, with the hashtag #LayItOut and tagging @JustJennessa your child will be entered into our drawing for the monthly prize.  If they lay out their clothes all 15 days (they mark off one piece of clothing each night) and you post a photo of their finished reward chart, again with tags, they will get 5 entries into the drawing!  It’s a win win all round.


  1. Stephanie Aude

    My boys are excited to try this challenge! How about a flossing challenge next? I love the idea of healthy, organizational video tip clips from local kids!

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