Keep Your Eyes On Your Toes

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mountain2Recently I had lunch with a friend that was talking about how she has two free days per week freed up now that both of her kids are in school full time, and all the plans she has for that time.  But she then went on to lament how in the foreseeable future one or more of those days are getting scheduled and thus she won’t start XYZ projects until she has two consecutive unfettered days available.

As an observer, it’s always much easier to see the holes in someone else’s plan.  So let’s go for it.

What is the likeliness that she, or any of us, will have two consecutive unfettered days available to us to do whatever we would like with it?

I’m going to go with…never.

And in here lies the problem with me and others.  We look at the project (a mountain of laundry, full home decluttering, relaunch of a website or any unfinished project) as its whole and are struck with how daunting it is in that view and then what do we do?

I’m going to with…nothing.

We put that on the tickler for “when I have time to do the whole thing”.

I’m going to take a bit of a leap here with an analogy of mountain climbing.  It’s a leap because the closest thing I come to mountain climbing is coming up the stairs from switching a load of laundry in my basement.  So just work with me!

But if mountain climbing were on my bucket list, I’m pretty sure it would stay there for eternity if I continued to focus on the cloud covered summit.  Because it’s pretty far up there!

So instead, I would need to keep my head down and take a step…then another…and then another.  Repeat that 5 bjillion times along with several snack breaks and I would finally get to the top.  And you know what I would feel like then?

I’m going to go with…bad ass.

I just climbed a flippin’ mountain?  And how did I do it?  One. Step. At. A. Time.

So this is why I set challenges each month for 15 minute pockets, and I chunk down the work that I need to get done, set my timer, and only focus on what is on my agenda for the day.  Because I can’t commit to climbing the mountain of laundry, but I can put in one load at a time.  I can clean out one drawer, or one box, or one shelf each day.

And heck, if I do stumble upon two unfettered days of free time.  I certainly don’t want to spend it cleaning my house!

So the proactive work that you do each and every day, will allow you to take your free time and spend it how you want to!

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