Ringing in the New Year Like a New Box of Crayons

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I’ve recently started following Elizabeth Gilbert on Facebook and find her perspective and suggestions fun and refreshing.  In a recent post on Facebook, she talked about how New Years Day is her favorite holiday since on that day you are given a perfect, brand new year without any ‘dings or dents’, which I loved!  For years I’ve dreaded New Years Eve.  There is so much pressure to make it ‘epic’ since how you spend New Years Eve is symbolic of how you are going to spend the New Year–right?? Or not!  I can remember most of my younger New Years Eves by what I wore (typically not wearing a coat and freezing), or where I was at, but have very little memory of having either the night before, or the day of January 1st be ceremonial or memorable in a meaningful way.  As an “adult” most memories are of falling asleep well before midnight and then by New Years Day, being ready to move on to the new year and skipping the significance all together short of a few resolutions that I would forget about a week later.

MirBut on New Years Eve 2009 we were expecting our second with a planned C-Section on January 6th, when my water broke right after having tacos for dinner.  Since I had just eaten, they wouldn’t do the C-Section right away (nor would they let me have anything to drink…am I the only one that is so thirsty after tacos?!?!), so I had to wait until the next morning and now we have our New Years Day baby–Mir to celebrate each year.  So this year we decided to mark the day, not only with birthday festivities for Mir, but also some intention on what we wanted to get rid of from 2014 and what we want to bring into the new year.

IMG_4685-(2)While I was showering this morning (that’s where I do all my best thinking) I thought of Elizabeth’s perspective on a brand new year without any dents and dings and it came to me that for me that is like a brand new box of 64 crayons–you know, the ones with the built in sharpener.  I rarely got such a box and coveted those of my friends, but when I did I hardly wanted to use them, but rather keep them pristine.  So for this year, our symbol was a brand new box of crayons.  For breakfast I whipped up a coffee cake so that Mir would have something to put a candle in for breakfast and the boys and I set the timer for 20 minutes when we put the cake in the oven and then we ran (literally) to the truck, raced to Target (have I mentioned that they built a Target 2 miles from my house–utterly dangerous), ran again into the store and right to the school supplies to get our brand new box of 64 and what did we see?  An ‘ultimate’ box of 152!!!!!  Could this day start any better.  So we made our purchase and got home right as the coffee cake was finishing.

IMG_4698-(2)After breakfast (actually more link brunch) the boys and I went out for a walk in the woods for a bit of New Years exploring.  It was 31 degrees without windchill.  Brrrr.

IMG_4715-(2)I enjoyed the nature that was on the ground as I was hunched over with my hood up and hands shoved in my pockets.

IMG_4718-(2)The boys were in search for the perfect stick, rock, tree, whatever, to break the ice.  The said objects were no match to the ice.

IMG_4735-(2)I finally coerced them out of the woods with the promise of hot chocolate for Zain and marshmallows only for Mir (he’s not a fan of chocolate…he takes after his mom) so we headed back.  Mir found this suspended tree and climbed on and pretended that he was riding in Chitty, while singing the theme song.  It was awesome.

IMG_4736-(2)Zain, my sensitive one, had just offered Mir a gift of a rock which Mir rejected and hurt his feelings.  Don’t feel bad Zain, remember how Mir was heard saying, “Awwww…I didn’t want this!” upon opening every one of his Christmas presents this year!  He’s a hard one to please!

IMG_4743-(2)So we made it inside without hypothermia and enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate, or just marshmallows.

IMG_4751-(2)We then decided to each blindly pick one of the 152 crayons to be our “color” for 2015.  Zain selected green-yellow.  Hmmm.

IMG_4752-(2)I picked a light green that was called “inch worm”.  First of all, I want the job of naming new crayon colors!  Secondly, I think that this crayon is speaking to me in other ways than color, with a name like inch worm.

IMG_4755-(2)Mir being the non conformist, selected four colors–jungle green, navy blue, wild watermelon and royal purple.  Sam selected later and got one of the glitter choices.

IMG_4759-(2)Later in the day, I gathered a plethora of craft supplies, including our ultimate set of crayons for each of us to create an art piece for what we want more of in 2015.

IMG_4767-(2)Glitter happened.

IMG_4763-(2)And Super Man worked hard.

IMG_4766-(2)And each of us created a collage with words on what we want more of.  Of course Mir has a one track mind and selected more: Toys R Us, Walmart, food, toys and balloons.  At the same time we wrote all of our words on a small sheet that we are going to send up into the ‘universe’ tomorrow on a balloon and we each did a sheet of things we want to lose from 2014 to burn tomorrow as well.

IMG_4762-(2)Elizabeth also suggested a ‘happiness jar’ that we implemented today.  Each day each person will write down one thing that made them happy that day and we’ll collect them for the year.  Zain christened the jar this evening.

IMG_4770-(2)And then before teeth brushing and bed time, the evening was rounded out with a dance party.  We hope you had an awesome New Years Day!  And know that if your day passed without ceremony, it’s not too late to draw the line in the sand and do it today, even if its March 3rd!


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