Salads in a Jar

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How often do you make a big salad at the beginning of the week and by mid week it’s gotten all funky?  Or worse yet, how often have you purchased all of the makings of a salad and forgot about them in the crisper–until it was too late!  This is the answer to your problems!  Each week, I buy the big box of mixed greens from the grocery store, which makes 6-7 pint jars of salad.  It’s easy peasy and is all about the layering.

First layer your “toppings”, i.e. chopped onions, cucumber, tomatoes, red/green pepper, asparagus, broccoli, etc.  Then pack the greens in tight.  Then put the lid on.  Yes, a week’s worth of tote-able salads is that easy.  I’ve seen online where some folks put their dressing in first, then the toppings, then the greens.  But I don’t want to commit to a dressing at the beginning of the week, so when I’m ready to eat my salad, I pull it out into a bowl, so the toppings are on top and then I add my dressing.  Or if you want to eat it from the jar, on the road or at the office, you can drizzle in your dressing before you leave home.  This also comes in handy when we are having tacos, or I’m making sandwiches.  I just pull it out into a bowl and presto–I’ve got garnish!

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