Sauce Cubes

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My littlest one is a tough cookie when it comes to eating balanced meals.  He lives on yogurt tubes and PBJ, but pasta is something that he will eat regularly and will eat it with sauce–that’s a veggie right?!?!  So I typically have a jar of sauce in the refrigerator,  but sooner than later it gets a bit “fuzzy” and then I’m cursing myself for letting it go bad.  So to help combat this, I will take a partial used jar of sauce and pour it into an ice cube tray and make sauce cubes.  Once frozen, I pop them into a quart sized freezer zip lock and then I take them out as needed.  I make pasta ahead for the week, so when Mir is in the mood for pasta, I zap a cup of pasta with 1 or 2 cubes and have instant dinner.  They also work great if we need sauce for dipping, or we can reheat several for pizza sauce.  This can be used for pesto, alfredo sauce, or other sauces that you might want to “save”, but don’t need to use this week.


  1. Louisa

    I love this idea. As much as I love tomato sauce it often spoils before I finish a jar. I will try this next time I have sauce. Thanks!

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