Sweet Marinated Salmon

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I have become nearly “addicted” to salmon.  There is rarely a week that goes by now that salmon is not on the menu and this is by far my favorite preparation.  This marinade is easy peasy.  Mix equal parts Balsamic Vinegar and Maple Syrup with a little sea salt in a zip lock bag.  Add the salmon filets, squeeze out the air, mix to coat and refrigerate until ready.  I’ve marinated these for days and as little as an hour–both give you the taste you want.  When you are ready, sprinkle each with some sea salt, and then you can then either grill on very low heat for a few minutes on either side–we use a grill pan and spray it well so it doesn’t stick.  Or I broil it on the top shelf for 4 minutes on each side–starting with the skin side down.  You know it’s done when it flakes apart in the middle, but is still a bit pink.  If we have left overs, I put this on a salad the next day–delish!

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