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Devil’s Food Cake

This is my secret weapon when I need to make a cake from scratch, which isn’t that often to be honest!  But typically for the boys’ birthdays I use this because it can be make dairy free and for the past 8 birthdays there has always been a friend that has a dairy allergy.  And this year, Zain is now needing to be dairy free.  I use this a lot in conjunction with my Aunt Patti’s Fluffy White frosting, which is also dairy free.  So here goes!  This can be made as cupcakes or as a sheet or round cakes. 

Patti’s Fluffy White Frosting

This frosting was my all time favorite growing up and is my Aunt Patti’s.  I would request angel food cake with fluffy white frosting for my birthday every year.  It’s a bit time consuming, so I wasn’t always granted my wish unfortunately.  We recently found out that my oldest son has a dairy allergy, which is definitely affecting my baking regiment!  So this frosting is now a go-to since it’s dairy free and I use it with my Devil’s Food cupcakes/cake, which is also dairy free.  Slowly but surely I hope to convert all of our favorites to dairy free–between

Overnight Oatmeal

When I was being interviewed for the “Change One Small Habit, Change Your Life” article for More Magazine, the author/interviewer Brian Alexander shared this recipe with me.  It’s very versatile and can be tailored to your (and/or your kids) taste.  You can use agave or maple syrup in lieu of the honey; add more or less brown sugar or substitute coconut sugar; and/or add in raisins, slivered almonds, or other dried fruits.  My kids can’t get enough cinnamon so we load up in that department!

Butterfly Sandwiches

I learned this trick from my husband’s friend Francis.  I always cut their sandwiches on the bias to make butterflies.  It’s a quick and easy way to jazz up a sandwich and bring a smile.  This is about as crazy as I get when it comes to making lunches.  No hungry caterpillars made with grapes, strawberries and pretzel sticks happening over here!

Ice Cream Man

We start planning Halloween costumes in August. I rarely act upon any of the ideas until October 23rd, but we love to talk about it well in advance. Zain was dead set on being a Power Ranger—eck! I’m not a big fan of characters like that, but he’s outgrown the age where he thought it was cool to wear a homemade Popeye costume—much to my chagrin. But luckily Mir is not above a handmade “original” costume. So I logged onto Amazon and ordered up Zain’s red Power Ranger costume and additional “boot” and glove accessories. When asked, Mir said that

Before The Transformation

The last time I redid the boys’ room was just before Mir was born, nearly 4 years ago. I let Zain pick the color, which was Benjamin Moore’s “Deep Ocean” and we painted the ceiling a khaki color that I had left over from my bathroom. The big accent is the IKEA leaf over each bed, which are just giant dust catchers! So it is time for a transformation. Here are some shots of the “before” with all the items that need to be addressed. The room is not large, so there is just a “patch” of space between the

Input From The Little Ones

So as we ascertained the problem areas from looking at the space, Zain and I sat down for a few sessions of “programming”. This is where you look at all of the functions the space needs to accommodate, so not to forget about them in the final design. We also started sketching out potential solutions for each area. The functions for the space: The Bed (to be bunk beds…with lighting and potentially blue bedding) Clothes (replace the changing table for more drawer storage and potentially a new “door” on the closet) Stuffed Animals (you can see a sketch for net

Gorilla Snot

My oldest son was “blessed” with hair that is thick, straight, and doesn’t ever get long—it gets big. As a baby we used to slick his hair up into a baby faux hawk and after a very unfortunate lapse in judgment, when my husband and I thought we could cut his hair ourselves, we had to buzz him and have never looked back. His and our need for a continuous faux hawk did not die when he got bigger—so to achieve this requires gel and a lot of it. For a long time we used my husband’s gel (whatever was