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I’m Not That Mom

Like most parents, I have my ups and downs—typically not in equal parts, but overall I think I get the job done well. My kids still smile when they see me.  And some may argue that I do a bit too much for them. But there are just some things that I will not, cannot, and or refuse to do. You’re Thirsty? Again?!?! I remember when Zain was a wee thing and we were out on an excursion when a friend reached into her stroller and pulled out a sippy cup that rattled.  As I looked at her with bewilderment, she

Mystery Pot Family Cook Off

For the month of March, my video challenge is to “beat March madness” with weekly family fun nights.  The only requirements–they have to happen at home and be focused “in the round”, not facing a screen.  Easy, right?  Our typical family fun night is home made pizza and a movie.  But kids movies can not hold my husband’s attention, so he starts to wander and I can always find something to busy myself with and next thing you know, we are not family focused at all.  So we’ve set out to try a few new things.  Our first attempt was

A Clean Up Story

Most days–who am I kidding–all days I feel like all I do is pick up toys.  As soon as they are all picked up, the kids get so excited to see bare floor, that they dump a bin out and we start again.  It’s my own version of the movie Groundhog Day!!  The boys are good (as good as a 9 and 5 year old can be) at picking up their toys, but never without prompting, never without a whole load of belly aching and don’t get me started about their lack of focus.  So I’ve tried everything to light

Tickle Me Organized

I have always considered myself firmly in the “Type A Personality” category, even before I knew what that meant.  Growing up my mom would say, “She tends to bite off more than she can chew.”  When I was in graduate school my behavioral sciences professor said, “If you do something that isn’t on your list and then add it to your list just so that you can mark it off your list…then you are Type A.”  Yep, that was me!  My lists spawned lists that would need to be rewritten and categorized each day. But in retrospect, just because I

Moms…Cruel or Brilliant?

Have you seen the cartoon on Facebook that says, “Behind Every Great Kid is a Mom That Is Sure She’s Screwing It Up” or something like that! I think every mom has to feel like that at some point along the way—or every day for that matter! We have to do the best that we can with what we’ve got and realize that we have our eye on the prize years down the line when our kids grow into, what we hope will be, respectful, responsible adults. But our kids probably think we are just plain cruel in the process.

Full Transparency

I am what I am. What can I say! As I’ve been putting together the launch items for this site it has been very important for me show it as it is. I troll through Pinterest and drool over the “food porn” that is online from food bloggers that are exceptional stagers. And while I appreciate the beauty, I can’t buy it. Who has that much time? When I post a recipe it is actually what I just made for dinner, dessert, lunch, breakfast, etc. I have just swipped dirty dishes out of the way to get a remotely respectable

I Was Groomed For This

I grew up in a tiny town of 1,700 (and that included everyone that lived in the country) in Northwest Iowa called Alta. I’m not sure if it was the location/culture of the Midwest or if it was the time (‘70s), but my brother and I started preparing for our domestic futures at a young age. In reviewing this site idea with my marketing guru and friend Susan, I was lamenting on the fact that I am not the type of blogger that is going to take a photo of every step of the process. I said, “If they don’t