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Her Legacy

In 2012, we lost my mom just after her 63rd birthday to heart failure brought on by her Lupus.  She was diagnosed with Lupus at the Mayo Clinic in 1994 while in intensive care on a ventilator–they didn’t give her long to live.  But she decided otherwise! She was not one to back down from a challenge and was known for creating her own reality. I grew up in a very small town in Northwest Iowa called Alta, which at the time had about 1,700 people.  Growing up everyone’s moms were either teachers, nurses or moms.  And while my mom

Sharing is Caring

When I was growing up there was a girl in my school, who when asked “How are you?”, without fail, would go into a litany of ailments and pet deaths and at home drama that would leave you speechless.  It’s from that experience, I learned to really not tell folks how I’m really feeling when they ask that question.  Because most aren’t really wanting to know the answer. I think most people operate on the premise of: “I’m up to my eyeballs in “stuff”, but I need to carry this burden alone because no one wants to hear my sob

Self…Meet Ego

Two years ago, Zain was in his first full length play at his elementary school–a hyena in The Lion King.  The drama program at our school is amazing and they go all out in their productions.  So when they called upon the volunteers to help, I couldn’t wait to sign up.  The choices ranged from costumes to t-shirt sales to concessions and everything in between to accommodate all the parents’ skills.  So I signed up for set painting and make up.  I had visions of bringing the Serengeti to the stage and even practiced my face painting skills on Mir

Breaking Up is So Hard

In 1982, at the ripe young age of 11, I was introduced to “the scale”.  My mom had battled with her own weight, and continued to for the rest of her life, but had become a Weight Watchers leader when I was a kid. So I think she was overly sensitive to seeing my portly prepubescent being and concerned that I was going to go down the same road she had, and hoped to nip it in the bud early.  So she signed me up for TOPS–Taking Off Pounds Sensibly, which met in a downtown basement.  It was me and

Step 2 to Having It All

Earlier this year I wrote my take on the first step to having it all, which in summary is realizing that you determine what “having it all” means. It’s different for every person and shouldn’t be dictated by the norms put forth by others. So now, it’s time to work on step 2. One of my clients teases me about being a super mom.  Apparently knowing your child’s bus driver’s name is not normal.  And, according to her, who in their right mind would do a road trip with a child! But in all honesty, I’m far from it! Yes,

Recycled Thoughts

Last week I did my yearly “heads down” session for soul searching around my businesses at the local library.  I marvel at those that can work in coffee shops, I am far too nosy to be able to focus on my own work surrounded by others!  But I digress. The exercise I use is one that my personal coach gave me years ago and it has you reflect on the year’s successes, breakthroughs, losses and breakdowns and then decide “what’s next” as a result.  I’ve kept one that I did 6 years ago as a reference.  I typically just look

The Days are Long

Last week I had to go to the curriculum open house night for Zain at his middle school.  This is a new school for Zain as he’s just started 6th grade. A middle schooler. This is the same little guy that came into this world without a sound, and his eyes wide open. Which seems like yesterday. No really…like yesterday. Mind you, he’s been alive for nearly 4,400 days and I’ll be honest, many of the details have slipped away—as I’ve definitely hit the age where I am operating on a one in, three out situation.  But to say that

I’m Not That Mom

Like most parents, I have my ups and downs—typically not in equal parts, but overall I think I get the job done well. My kids still smile when they see me.  And some may argue that I do a bit too much for them. But there are just some things that I will not, cannot, and or refuse to do. You’re Thirsty? Again?!?! I remember when Zain was a wee thing and we were out on an excursion when a friend reached into her stroller and pulled out a sippy cup that rattled.  As I looked at her with bewilderment, she

When a Book Is So Much More

I have always been an avid reader.  Growing up our school I rocked the Reading Olympics that helped raise money for the March of Dimes.  I would like to say that I crushed that fundraiser every year because I was very philanthropic at a young age, but truth be told, I just wanted a gold metal in a “sport” that didn’t require sweating (or athleticism) and loved to read.  So my best friend Molly and I would head to the library and literally get more books than we could carry and tuck ourselves in for a weekend of binge reading–who needed Netflix in


I grew up in a very small town in Northwest Iowa where my total class size never exceeded 45.  And where everyone was taught pretty much in the same fashion.  My school didn’t have all of the specialists and testing that they have today—likely none did back then.  But when I was in upper elementary they did have the “Talented and Gifted” program and man did I want to be included! I don’t remember how kids were selected to be in the program—likely some aptitude test.  I don’t test well, except on the ASVAB, which is an aptitude exam for