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Tried and True School Lunches

I hate (and hate is a strong word) packing lunches. And that’s genetic. I’ve told the story before of how my mom refused to make us boxed lunch.  We would always have to buy and it completely bummed me out.  Until I was a mom.  Now I totally get it! So to make it more palatable (for all of us), I’ve tried to approach it as a challenge versus a chore.  In doing so, I posted Zain’s lunch every day for three weeks earlier in the year to see how long I could go without repeating.  And I’m happy with

Rotisserie 5 Ways

I once met a woman that had 600 cookbooks and read them each night for fun.  Hmmm…I have several cookbooks that NEVER get opened and really need to be purged.  The majority claim recipes that kids will devour, which is a complete lie, but I continue to hope!  And then I have a few that are my go-tos, including my own four. But in all honesty, I rarely ever use a cookbook. I don’t have time. And I suspect you don’t have the time either, which is why many are likely to make something from a package, pick something up, or

Loaded with Ginger Snaps

December is my favorite month when it comes to food.  I love to bake…mostly because I LOVE to eat sweets.  Everyone needs a vice…right?!?! Growing up I was not a fan of gingersnaps.  Likely because they truly were snaps.  Or would cause you to snap a tooth!  My gingersnaps are soft and chewy, not hard and brittle.  Enough said!   They are great in the fall wrapped up with raffia for gifts, and great with a cup of tea, anytime really.  And you can also sandwich two with vanilla ice cream, which makes them the most “year round” cookie around.

Baking Gluten and Dairy Free

Does the idea of going gluten and/or dairy free scare the bajeezees out of you?  Me too! I come from a long line of Midwest bakers and cooks, where no meal is complete without dessert and every salad is sweet. In the early 2000s my mom and I co-authored a series of recipe collections and entertainment guides–one for each season.  And if you have ever read the cookbooks you will notice that the dessert sections make up more than 50% of each book.  My mom had a catering company and custom baking company before she passed away and there wasn’t a

Feaster Five Apple Muffins

I’ve noted before that to run, I would need to be chased.  What about you? But that hasn’t kept us from participating in a few 5Ks along the way.  One of which is the Feaster Five in Andover (where we live) on Thanksgiving morning. The added incentive for this 5k, which of course I just walk, is that everyone gets a pie at the finish line.  When you sign up early (that isn’t me) you get a shirt that says, “I Run for Pie.”  That would be a fitting t-shirt for me even though it’s not true!  Not unless the

Banana Bread

I know that there are probably many ways I could use up “spent” bananas like freezing them and spinning them up in a kale smoothie.  But seriously, banana bread is so much better!  This is by far one of the easiest recipes I have.  You put all of the ingredients in the bowl in order while mixing them. Period. I of course bake them in mini loaves, because they get done so much faster and it’s easier to eat some and save some in the freezer.  Every one loaf of bread makes three mini loaves–for future reference.  But you can

Smores Toffee

I bought my husband a fire pit for Father’s Day two years ago with visions of smores dancing in my head along with campfire songs and family bonding. Needless to say, he envisioned hours of assembly, reams of newspaper, drying out wood and tons of blowing…and thus we’ve used it twice since! So for those of you that yearn for the taste of smores sans the campfire, this is the recipe for you!! This is a variation on cracker toffee, if you’ve ever had it. The difference being, in the “regular” recipe you use saltines instead of graham crackers, chocolate

Carrot Spice Muffins

My husband’s new toy (for me to play with) is a Breville juicer.  Yadda yadda yadda…he can’t eat most veggies in their original form, so to get his nutrients we’ve taken to juicing.  Everything we juice smells like freshly cut grass in my opinion, but he seems to love it!  The downfall of the juicer is that it creates a lot of “pulp” that seems a shame to throw away.  So the other day I used the carrot, apple, and kale pulp from his juice to make muffins, but it’s typically made with shredded carrots.  You could substitute zucchini and/or

Blueberry Peach Pound Cake

I have noted before that we get a farm share from a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), which we love, but there are times, during peak season, that we have some “abundances”.  Right now it’s blueberries and peaches.  Not that I am complaining!  So what better way to enjoy fresh fruit than in a pound cake–of course!  While this recipe can be found in our summer cookbook in the cakes section, it really is a breakfast item in my mind.  Zain would really have preferred icing over the powdered sugar–but who wouldn’t!  I think the batter would also work great

Dover Pound Cake

I’ve noted this in my very first post on this site (Full Transparency) and it bears repeating.  When I post a recipe it’s because I just made it, or when I did make it, I took a quick snapshot of it before we devoured it.  This is no exception.  I’ve made this recipe twice of late, and both times it got eaten so quickly, that I wasn’t able to do a posed photo.  Actually, this photo is of me holding my portion that I’m about to down, as my uncle Rod took a quick shot from his phone and then