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I Am Grateful For…

Each Ramadan and Thanksgiving we don our wall with our Grateful Cards.  Each card says, “Today I am Grateful For…” and then each of us lists what we are grateful for that day.  There is no wrong answer, but the only rule is you can’t use your same answer twice.  Through their answers I’ve learned a lot about my children.  Zain is the diplomat and always gives lofty answers like my family, the food that we have to eat, my teachers, etc.  My little guy is still using what is top of mind or what he can see in the

Holiday Letter Throwbacks

Sick of hearing your friends pontificate about their “perfect” life in their annual holiday letter? Growing up my parents had friends that sent one every year that went on and on and on about their trips to Aruba, their summer homes, and their honor roll children.  We read it with humor more than jealousy at how ridiculous they were–everyone gets at least one of those right? So years ago I decided to do the opposite.  I write a realistic view of my year (originally as a single and now as a family), which has become something that is anticipated by

Thousand Dollar Fudge

Last year I made this fudge for my chocolate swap in February–like my cookie swap in December!  These are not remotely dairy free or low anything.  But the recipe is easy peasy and a huge hit.  This is typically a “holiday” recipe in December, but you can see how you can change it up for any holiday–or for a random Tuesday in April!  You can make them without a “topping” or you can add crushed candy canes, toffee pieces or white chocolate chips…as a variation.

Valentine’s Round Up

While my husband will tell you that every day is Valentine’s Day, I would beg to differ!  That aside, I do enjoy having fun with the kids for Valentine’s and this year with 60″ of snow and still counting, it’s the only thing keeping us sane!  So here are some of my favorite Valentine’s ideas, crafts and goodies.  Enjoy! These were Zain’s Valentine’s from first grade with bouncy balls…Valentine, You Make My Heart Bounce!  It’s safe to say, they were a huge hit all round.  I used clear cello bags from the craft store’s candy aisle.  I trimmed the bag

Memorial Day Pie(s)

As you prepare for Memorial Day weekend, here is the PERFECT recipe to try.  This is my go to in the summer when people are coming over, or I need to take a dessert to friends’.  The hardest part of this recipe is waiting for the crust to cool.  The rest is easy peasy lemon squeezy!  You can use strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, or peaches to top this pie with.  You can also use the “filling” as a decadent fruit dip with apples and strawberries.  And they are crazy cute as minis.  Just bake the crusts in muffin tins!  

The Secret Carrot Cake Recipe

My mom had a successful custom baking and catering company in Storm Lake Iowa after she closed our Bed & Breakfast in Alta (my hometown).  When someone wanted to serve a “homemade” pie for company, they would bring their pie plate to my mom’s house and she would bake a pie on their behalf in their bake ware.  She even did an entire Thanksgiving dinner that way one year.  When we published our cookbooks, we were in essence giving away “the secret” recipes, which could’ve hurt her business, but instead everyone used the cookbooks as a menu for what she