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Input From The Little Ones

So as we ascertained the problem areas from looking at the space, Zain and I sat down for a few sessions of “programming”. This is where you look at all of the functions the space needs to accommodate, so not to forget about them in the final design. We also started sketching out potential solutions for each area. The functions for the space: The Bed (to be bunk beds…with lighting and potentially blue bedding) Clothes (replace the changing table for more drawer storage and potentially a new “door” on the closet) Stuffed Animals (you can see a sketch for net


My husband is originally from Pakistan and while he’s lived in the US longer than he lived in Pakistan he still does not grasp the concept of Thanksgiving. For me, Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays. It’s about togetherness, family, being thankful, and of course food. And I’m not running out and having to buy gifts—thank goodness I don’t have to send Thanksgiving cards! Several years ago I “slaved” over a huge traditional Thanksgiving feast and put it onto the table for my husband to say, “I’m not hungry.” Needless to say, I had to take a self-inflicted time

Gorilla Snot

My oldest son was “blessed” with hair that is thick, straight, and doesn’t ever get long—it gets big. As a baby we used to slick his hair up into a baby faux hawk and after a very unfortunate lapse in judgment, when my husband and I thought we could cut his hair ourselves, we had to buzz him and have never looked back. His and our need for a continuous faux hawk did not die when he got bigger—so to achieve this requires gel and a lot of it. For a long time we used my husband’s gel (whatever was