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Mystery Pot Family Cook Off

For the month of March, my video challenge is to “beat March madness” with weekly family fun nights.  The only requirements–they have to happen at home and be focused “in the round”, not facing a screen.  Easy, right?  Our typical family fun night is home made pizza and a movie.  But kids movies can not hold my husband’s attention, so he starts to wander and I can always find something to busy myself with and next thing you know, we are not family focused at all.  So we’ve set out to try a few new things.  Our first attempt was

Step One: Accepting You Need a Grocery List

Meal planning is by far the most commented on and requested item of me and it’s fairly simple, but the first step is accepting you need a plan in the first place!  You can’t make a meal if you don’t have the ingredients you need.  You won’t have the ingredients you need unless you actually purchase them.  Simple…right?  Or maybe not! This photo is of my refrigerator yesterday after eating ourselves out of house and home over the holidays.  It was pretty sparse and it was giving me hives.  So it was back to reality for me.  To make life

Weekly Meal Plan #2

Each week before I make my grocery list, I take everything (well not the condiments!) out of my refrigerator to see what I have left from the week before to work with.  Typically it’s a random menagerie of fruits and veggies from the prior week’s CSA pick up and staple items from the week before, i.e. chicken, taco meat, etc.  Once it’s on the counter, I wipe down all of the shelves in my refrigerator and then decide what I’m going to make with all of the left overs.  I rarely throw anything out–unless it’s gotten funky of course!  This

Sweet Marinated Salmon

I have become nearly “addicted” to salmon.  There is rarely a week that goes by now that salmon is not on the menu and this is by far my favorite preparation.  This marinade is easy peasy.  Mix equal parts Balsamic Vinegar and Maple Syrup with a little sea salt in a zip lock bag.  Add the salmon filets, squeeze out the air, mix to coat and refrigerate until ready.  I’ve marinated these for days and as little as an hour–both give you the taste you want.  When you are ready, sprinkle each with some sea salt, and then you can

Salads in a Jar

How often do you make a big salad at the beginning of the week and by mid week it’s gotten all funky?  Or worse yet, how often have you purchased all of the makings of a salad and forgot about them in the crisper–until it was too late!  This is the answer to your problems!  Each week, I buy the big box of mixed greens from the grocery store, which makes 6-7 pint jars of salad.  It’s easy peasy and is all about the layering. First layer your “toppings”, i.e. chopped onions, cucumber, tomatoes, red/green pepper, asparagus, broccoli, etc.  Then

Weekly Meal Plan #1

In an effort to help in your meal planning, I’m launching a new weekly post for what I’ve made (or am making) ahead for the week.  You certainly don’t have to do it ahead, but for me, that’s my lifesaver.  I call it my Sunday Cookingpalooza!  This week my menu contains: Breakfast Egg Cups Waffles–I make a double batch of waffles and then freeze them in a large zip lock bag.  Each morning I take out what I need and toast them for my own homemade “frozen waffle”. Fruit Salad–typically a mix of strawberries, blueberries, red grapes, black berries and/or


My husband is originally from Pakistan and while he’s lived in the US longer than he lived in Pakistan he still does not grasp the concept of Thanksgiving. For me, Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays. It’s about togetherness, family, being thankful, and of course food. And I’m not running out and having to buy gifts—thank goodness I don’t have to send Thanksgiving cards! Several years ago I “slaved” over a huge traditional Thanksgiving feast and put it onto the table for my husband to say, “I’m not hungry.” Needless to say, I had to take a self-inflicted time