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Self…Meet Ego

Two years ago, Zain was in his first full length play at his elementary school–a hyena in The Lion King.  The drama program at our school is amazing and they go all out in their productions.  So when they called upon the volunteers to help, I couldn’t wait to sign up.  The choices ranged from costumes to t-shirt sales to concessions and everything in between to accommodate all the parents’ skills.  So I signed up for set painting and make up.  I had visions of bringing the Serengeti to the stage and even practiced my face painting skills on Mir

Will You Be Sued?

In my Life By Design workshop, each attendee does a check in on where they are at, and then through a series of exercises, they put a plan in place for where they want to go and how they can get there.  It’s a lot to accomplish in 3 hours, but you’d be surprised at how much one can assess when they are given the time and space to just think! But there is a lot of hard work in this process because we can not add to our life what there is no room for.  So you have to

Is Your Tire Flat?

Lean in my friends, I have a secret. Even though I like to think I have my poop in a group, there are times when I get stuck.  It doesn’t happen quickly.  Sometimes so slowly that I don’t even know I’ve come to a halt. I call this my flat tire. Can you ride a bicycle on a flat tire?  Not for long you can’t.  And that’s how we are in life.  We need to be in balance…to be whole…to be effective. So my sure fire way to get from flat to rocking and rolling is the spoke and wheel

Make Space and Breathe

Many years ago I had a friend of mine, who is a Feng Shui practitioner, come to my house for a consultation.  As a refresher, Feng Shui, (in Chinese thought) is a set of laws and practices as it relates to spacial arrangements that affect energy flow both negatively and positively.  The whole process was eye opening, even though I’ve likely undone any changes I’ve made over the past 10+ years, but there was one point that I won’t forget.  She said that if there is something that is bothering you or you are unhappy with, it will cause negative

When It Pays to be Unproductive

I grew up in a family where as soon as we were done eating, my grandmother would get out her Hokey vacuum sweeper and pick up every last crumb from under the table.  Every meal was directly followed by well-orchestrated dish washing and when my grandmother finally got a dishwasher, everything still needed to be washed before going in it.  I’m not sure if this mentality came from growing up on a farm (I didn’t, but my parents did) where everyone is up before dawn and the work is never done, but I come from a family that can’t bring

Designed Versus Designer

My lifelong dream of becoming a designer came after graduating from the College of Design at Iowa State University a really long time ago! As an interior designer, I would get a lot of “oh so you are a decorator” comments, or people begging me to see my house! Aside from the fact that I was a corporate interior designer, not residential, there is a difference between a designer and a decorator (not that there is anything wrong with decorators…bear with me). According to the dictionary that comes up when you Google it… A designer is a person who plans

Time to Clean Your Filter

Several years ago I was working on a big personal event with one of my corporate clients and I screwed up. Not in the “someone got hurt” kind of way, but one that was just as monumental to the client in an “event planning type of way”. It was huge to the client and as a result, it was huge to me. I felt so bad and even though I was quick to make it right, I could not shake the feeling that I had really let her down and couldn’t forgive myself for making such a careless mistake. I

Keep Your Eyes On Your Toes

Recently I had lunch with a friend that was talking about how she has two free days per week freed up now that both of her kids are in school full time, and all the plans she has for that time.  But she then went on to lament how in the foreseeable future one or more of those days are getting scheduled and thus she won’t start XYZ projects until she has two consecutive unfettered days available. As an observer, it’s always much easier to see the holes in someone else’s plan.  So let’s go for it. What is the likeliness

My Secrets to Gettin’ It Done

I’m often asked how I get so much done. Which always surprises me because I am constantly feeling like I’m not doing enough! I’m not sure that I actually get any more done then the next person, but with most of my work being shared, what I do do is much more visible to you. That being said, I work really hard on staying on top of life and crank a lot of work out the door. Each year I submit a survey to the Boston Business Journal for the Area’s Largest Meeting and Event Planners where I have to

A Frayed Knot

The Durranis are serial road trippers (as most of you probably already know) and as we plot, prepare and pack, everyone has the same response, “How can you be in the car that much? What do you do that whole time? Don’t you want to kill each other?” Our longest trip (of three) this summer included just over 3,500 miles and 64.5 hours of driving time. That doesn’t include all of the family time spent outside of the car those 10 days. That’s just the amount of time we were all four sitting within feet of each other cruising across