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Host a Coloring Party

I host a cookie swap every December that everyone swears is their favorite, but I am cognizant of the fact that they could be just being nice! I’d like to say that it is my charming hostess skills and/or my goodies, but I really think that the women in my life enjoy the opportunity to connect. In our crazy busy world it’s easy to get swept up into the minutia and put aside our own connections for those of our family and/or children. When was the last time you scheduled a playdate for yourself? With the cookie swap as a

Mystery Pot Family Cook Off

For the month of March, my video challenge is to “beat March madness” with weekly family fun nights.  The only requirements–they have to happen at home and be focused “in the round”, not facing a screen.  Easy, right?  Our typical family fun night is home made pizza and a movie.  But kids movies can not hold my husband’s attention, so he starts to wander and I can always find something to busy myself with and next thing you know, we are not family focused at all.  So we’ve set out to try a few new things.  Our first attempt was

Thousand Dollar Fudge

Last year I made this fudge for my chocolate swap in February–like my cookie swap in December!  These are not remotely dairy free or low anything.  But the recipe is easy peasy and a huge hit.  This is typically a “holiday” recipe in December, but you can see how you can change it up for any holiday–or for a random Tuesday in April!  You can make them without a “topping” or you can add crushed candy canes, toffee pieces or white chocolate chips…as a variation.

Valentine’s Round Up

While my husband will tell you that every day is Valentine’s Day, I would beg to differ!  That aside, I do enjoy having fun with the kids for Valentine’s and this year with 60″ of snow and still counting, it’s the only thing keeping us sane!  So here are some of my favorite Valentine’s ideas, crafts and goodies.  Enjoy! These were Zain’s Valentine’s from first grade with bouncy balls…Valentine, You Make My Heart Bounce!  It’s safe to say, they were a huge hit all round.  I used clear cello bags from the craft store’s candy aisle.  I trimmed the bag

White Chocolate Party Mix

This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to a sugar high that I have in my bag of tricks!  It is incredibly addictive and absolutely a party pleaser with it’s mix of salty and sweet.  You can easily swap out the cereals (Cheerios and Corn Chex) for other favorites like Golden Grahams, Honeycomb, Honey Nut Cheerios, etc.  Have fun with it!  It’s absolute party crack–enjoy it!

Devil’s Food Cake

This is my secret weapon when I need to make a cake from scratch, which isn’t that often to be honest!  But typically for the boys’ birthdays I use this because it can be make dairy free and for the past 8 birthdays there has always been a friend that has a dairy allergy.  And this year, Zain is now needing to be dairy free.  I use this a lot in conjunction with my Aunt Patti’s Fluffy White frosting, which is also dairy free.  So here goes!  This can be made as cupcakes or as a sheet or round cakes. 

Memorial Day Pie(s)

As you prepare for Memorial Day weekend, here is the PERFECT recipe to try.  This is my go to in the summer when people are coming over, or I need to take a dessert to friends’.  The hardest part of this recipe is waiting for the crust to cool.  The rest is easy peasy lemon squeezy!  You can use strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, or peaches to top this pie with.  You can also use the “filling” as a decadent fruit dip with apples and strawberries.  And they are crazy cute as minis.  Just bake the crusts in muffin tins!  

Five Alarm Birthday

I really don’t think “boys” ever stop loving fire trucks and I have yet to meet one that hasn’t, at one time or another, wanted to be a fireman. Zain, who is now 8, was saying the other day. “I was watching Fireman Sam with Mir and it was kind of awkward.” When I asked him why he responded, “Because I’m too big to like fire trucks.” I assured him that Baba (what they call my husband) still loves fire trucks. So Mir was born with the love and so we decided to do his 3rd birthday with a fire