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8 Life Skills To Hone on a Road Trip

We are serial road trippers and have been since my oldest was two.  This grew out of my husband seeing it as an exciting way to travel and my frugal-ness.  Our first big trip was from Boston to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to DC to the Outer Banks, to Williamsburg, Virginia to Philadelphia back to Boston.  Nothing like going “for broke” on our first time out of the gate.  But from that trip we were hooked.  Cost savings aside, it’s a freeing way to travel that forces, I mean allows, a lot of togetherness.  Over the years we have logged thousands of

Surviving a Road Trip

Here is the next installment of episodes from our webisode series.  This month is all about surviving a road trip–or thriving as it were!  Here is the teaser to get you started! So the first step to “surviving” a road trip is to ensure that everyone is entertained.  The key is spreading out the entertainment over the life of the trip–don’t show all your cards from the beginning, so that they don’t get bored too quickly. The license plate game is a must!  Here is a downloadable version and here is the Melissa and Doug game that I mention in

Step One: Accepting You Need a Grocery List

Meal planning is by far the most commented on and requested item of me and it’s fairly simple, but the first step is accepting you need a plan in the first place!  You can’t make a meal if you don’t have the ingredients you need.  You won’t have the ingredients you need unless you actually purchase them.  Simple…right?  Or maybe not! This photo is of my refrigerator yesterday after eating ourselves out of house and home over the holidays.  It was pretty sparse and it was giving me hives.  So it was back to reality for me.  To make life

Weekly Meal Plan #2

Each week before I make my grocery list, I take everything (well not the condiments!) out of my refrigerator to see what I have left from the week before to work with.  Typically it’s a random menagerie of fruits and veggies from the prior week’s CSA pick up and staple items from the week before, i.e. chicken, taco meat, etc.  Once it’s on the counter, I wipe down all of the shelves in my refrigerator and then decide what I’m going to make with all of the left overs.  I rarely throw anything out–unless it’s gotten funky of course!  This

Weekly Meal Plan #1

In an effort to help in your meal planning, I’m launching a new weekly post for what I’ve made (or am making) ahead for the week.  You certainly don’t have to do it ahead, but for me, that’s my lifesaver.  I call it my Sunday Cookingpalooza!  This week my menu contains: Breakfast Egg Cups Waffles–I make a double batch of waffles and then freeze them in a large zip lock bag.  Each morning I take out what I need and toast them for my own homemade “frozen waffle”. Fruit Salad–typically a mix of strawberries, blueberries, red grapes, black berries and/or

Sunday Cookingpalooza!

In January 2013, I had an “a-ha” moment, which followed on the heels of a very rough fall/winter.  I lost my mom that August and following it I was a complete crank.  Anything would set me off—everything was a bigger deal than it needed to be.  This “anger” phase of grieving meant that I was a bit of a ticking time bomb.  What exasperated the situation was getting behind schedule.  If Zain wasn’t waiting by the door in his karate uniform and ready to go at the moment that we needed to leave, I would lose it.  If we were

Input From The Little Ones

So as we ascertained the problem areas from looking at the space, Zain and I sat down for a few sessions of “programming”. This is where you look at all of the functions the space needs to accommodate, so not to forget about them in the final design. We also started sketching out potential solutions for each area. The functions for the space: The Bed (to be bunk beds…with lighting and potentially blue bedding) Clothes (replace the changing table for more drawer storage and potentially a new “door” on the closet) Stuffed Animals (you can see a sketch for net