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You Just Need to Flip

When I was in college one of my favorite movies was Cutting Edge, which was about a figure skater that had exhausted all of her partner choices because she drove them all away, and the only skater they could find to couple her with was an ex hockey player. You can probably figure out the story line. They hate each other…they fight a lot…and little by little they start to fall for each other. In one of the scenes the lead female talks about how she’s feeling and likening it to two magnets. They were like magnets that were resisting

A Frayed Knot

The Durranis are serial road trippers (as most of you probably already know) and as we plot, prepare and pack, everyone has the same response, “How can you be in the car that much? What do you do that whole time? Don’t you want to kill each other?” Our longest trip (of three) this summer included just over 3,500 miles and 64.5 hours of driving time. That doesn’t include all of the family time spent outside of the car those 10 days. That’s just the amount of time we were all four sitting within feet of each other cruising across

4 Survival Tips for Summer

As a kid there is nothing better than summer vacation–late nights, late mornings, no homework, more junk food, more TV and endless play time.  At least that is how I remember it in the 70s when I was growing up.  And while I never sensed that my mom was going out of her mind at the time, she had to have had her moments.  As I “work” through another summer with my boys, here are my four survival tips for summer that I learned from my mom! #1. Great Summer Care is Not Easy to Find My mom opened a

Slow Down to Go Fast

I do not like to be early.  I don’t like it when people are early to come visit me, and thus I don’t want to sneak up on anyone either.  I also think that it’s a waste of time (obviously this is a misnomer on my part).  So I’m famous for doing “one more quick thing” before heading out and invariably it puts me behind.  This then begins the domino affect into madness.  Like recently, when I was running out of the house, behind schedule, to pick up the boys and my hands were full of karate uniforms, my wallet

8 Life Skills To Hone on a Road Trip

We are serial road trippers and have been since my oldest was two.  This grew out of my husband seeing it as an exciting way to travel and my frugal-ness.  Our first big trip was from Boston to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to DC to the Outer Banks, to Williamsburg, Virginia to Philadelphia back to Boston.  Nothing like going “for broke” on our first time out of the gate.  But from that trip we were hooked.  Cost savings aside, it’s a freeing way to travel that forces, I mean allows, a lot of togetherness.  Over the years we have logged thousands of

Surviving a Road Trip

Here is the next installment of episodes from our webisode series.  This month is all about surviving a road trip–or thriving as it were!  Here is the teaser to get you started! So the first step to “surviving” a road trip is to ensure that everyone is entertained.  The key is spreading out the entertainment over the life of the trip–don’t show all your cards from the beginning, so that they don’t get bored too quickly. The license plate game is a must!  Here is a downloadable version and here is the Melissa and Doug game that I mention in