The Mini Loaf

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All things “leavened” are loved around here—quick breads are some of our favorites. While my brother is a master yeast baker, I have a love hate relationship with yeast. Love to eat it, but have no ability to bake with it. Perhaps it’s my impatience. In any case! Banana bread, pumpkin bread and zucchini bread are always available in our freezer for those last minute play dates or for something different in the school snacks. Most recipes make one loaf—except for my pumpkin bread recipe, which is three, but I find that the bread starts to lose its luster before a full loaf is eaten and it takes longer to bake. So I always make mini loaves. One regular loaf equates to three mini loaves. It generally takes 15-20 minutes off the baking time in the smaller loaf, and you can enjoy one right away and freeze two (or more depending on the recipe) to enjoy later! My husband also loves the crispy parts on the ends and sides and with the mini loaves you get more crunch per piece!

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