Transformation Complete–Or Is It?

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How are you with unfinished projects?

Once I’m finally done with a project, it seems like it needs to be done again!

When I started this site, the goal was just to share with whomever was listening (and I had no preconceived notions as to who that might be) about my “projects” and fun things I was doing at home.  A bit of an outlet.

Around the same time, the boys and I set out on a transformation of their bedroom.  And mind you, that was a really long time ago.  One of my very first Just Jennessa posts was about having Zain help me look at all of the trouble areas of the room and come up with potential solutions and then another of all of the before pictures.

Then it sat and sat.

Last February, our challenge was “Finish it February”, which was to help me focus on getting this project done–most specifically the duvets, which I could not bring myself to do!

And here we are, about to hit February again.  And stick a fork in me, it’s as done as it’s going to be (thanks to my Aunt Janice)!

The aha moment in all of this is that I have finally realized what I want Just Jennessa to become.  I want it to be more than sharing some fun ideas and recipes of my moms.  I want to spark energy around living the life you want to live…helping you design it…and ultimately helping you maintain the balance it takes to live it.

Doing fun projects around my house is an outlet for me, but is not where my energy is spent every day.  Instead, I focus on the ongoing struggle of building a company, while building a family—and keeping my head above water while doing it.  Ultimately, the struggle on being present in my own life.

But no fear, before you start to see any big transformations at Just Jennessa—and you will!

I. Must. Finish. What. I. Started.

So here is the final reveal of the boys’ room!  And HUGE thanks to my brother Peter for photographing the space.  Without him, we would have gone another year without this reveal!


Ta-da!  The most impactful change to this room was bunking the boys’ beds, which gave us a ton more space.  Gone are the days of a “patch” of space between their two beds.  And those god-awful dusty leaf thingies!

ShelvingWhere Zain’s bed was, we now have a storage unit from IKEA that has space for their “knick-knacks” and art supplies, along with closed storage for their underwear, socks, pajamas, shoes and hats.  We no longer have the overflowing hooks and bins.  You can also see here the “mobile”, which has photos from all of our vacations to date clipped in–and then three of my favorite photos of the boys together, which I printed on my computer and popped in IKEA frames.


I designed fabric through Spoonflower for custom bedspreads for both of the boys’ beds.  This is what took FOREVER!!  I finally got a duvet made for Mir (last February), but couldn’t bring myself to do Zain’s and then Mir’s looked all wonky.  SO…in October, and part of my monthly challenge, I “let it go” and my Aunt Janice came to the rescue and had them quilted for me.


YogiboThe rocking chair got donated, and it was replaced by a Yogibo, which can be used as a “chair”, or both the boys can lie on it as a bean bag.  I did custom graphics, based on the fabrics that I did for their bedding, to make this “Dream Big” mural.  I used Wicked Sticky Designs to have them printed and then installed them myself.  You might be able to see in a few of the other photos small robots and diggers peppered throughout the room as well.

TrophyTrophy storage was a hot item in the design phase, but in the end, we kept it simple!

BeltsFor all of Zain’s past karate belts, I wanted to figure out a way to display them and as I was wandering around The Container Store (I could spend hours there), I found these cereal box storage units.  Who collects cereal boxes?!  So each one is folded and then tied with a piece of fishing line and then they are stacked in the storage piece.

LaundryA few other big problem spots in the “before” was out of control stuffed animal storage.  So I got toy “hammocks” and hung them by clear 3M hooks at the end of the beds.  I still think my boys have an obscene number of stuffed animals! I also picked up this coat tree from IKEA for their Sunday school backpacks and karate uniform.  And then we installed (with the help of YouTube) this wire picture storage from IKEA to (try and) alleviate the free form pasting up of drawings everywhere.

BoysOverall, they are happy with their room and I swear I didn’t make them dress alike for this photo…that’s how they roll!  But they are (2.5 years from the start of this project) ready for another change.

As am I.

Stay tuned for Just Jennessa 2.0!


  1. Janice Molgaard

    The room looks very nice and glad you are happy with the way the quilts turned out. Got it done by February. Whoopee!

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