Will You Be Sued?

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In my Life By Design workshop, each attendee does a check in on where they are at, and then through a series of exercises, they put a plan in place for where they want to go and how they can get there.  It’s a lot to accomplish in 3 hours, but you’d be surprised at how much one can assess when they are given the time and space to just think!

But there is a lot of hard work in this process because we can not add to our life what there is no room for.  So you have to throw out what is no longer serving you.  And while that might seem easy in a sentence, it is the hardest part of the workshop.

Heck!  That’s the hardest part of life…letting go.

Think of your life like a closet.  It was once organized (for like a day!) and only contained what fit, what you wore, and what you loved, but it slowly falls out of balance.  Soon someone has given you a “gift” of something you would never wear, but you keep it “just in case”.  You couldn’t pass by those bargains at Target and had no time to try them on (or is that just me), and when you got home they weren’t so great after all.  You gain a few pounds, but know you will lose it soon, so you are going to hold onto those jeans for your 10 pound weight loss in January.

You get the picture.

Soon you are looking at a closet that is overflowing.  Each piece in itself isn’t a huge issue, but the combination of all of it is just too much for one person to “own”.

So the life closet clean out is something that we need to do on a very regular basis, because people are never going to stop “giving” you things to do and there will always be “bargains” along the way that look too good to pass up.  But letting those things go is so very hard.

So in one of my workshops where I was pushing one of the attendees to commit to letting go of the things that no longer were serving her, there was a look of panic on her face, like how could she possibly let them go.  Because in doing so, she would inevitably be letting someone down, or having awkward conversations, and definitely feeling guilt.  We’re ALL been there!

And then one of her fellow attendees, who happens to be an attorney, said, “Will you get sued?”

Of course not.  And what a great litmus test!

Will someone be harmed physically by letting go of the soccer car pool?  Don’t this so.

Will you lose a forever friend forever?  If so, they weren’t such great friends anyway.

When I start to freak out about something, I think about the very worst thing that could happen and when I realize the very worst thing doesn’t result in my death, I realize it’s not that scary after all.

So put things in perspective.  If by dropping the ball does not cause anyone physical or emotional harm and you won’t be sued, then you can let it go.  I promise.  It will be uncomfortable for a bit, but it opens up so much opportunity.

You’re worth it!


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